Big Game Hunting in La Pampa                

Mapu Hunting Lodge guarantees an unparalleled red stag hunting experience. The unique environment and the high concentration of hinds attract stags from many miles away. This results in intense and dramatic roaring during the rut; surely the most exciting and exhilarating experience a hunter can have.

Along with the 8,700 acres of free range hunting, Mapu Hunting Lodge has a 2,500 acres hunting preserve, stocked with a wide variety of Argentinian big game, including Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Ram, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Wild Boar and Gold Medal Red Stags.

We have experienced hunting guides who have hunted a wide range of species across Argentina and know the intimate details of the terrain, the climate and wildlife within the Mapu Hunting Lodge game preserves. Your enjoyment and success are paramount to them, and they will do everything possible to ensure you are well looked-after.